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(Some are pretty hilarious - and all are rated G!)
("You might be a redneck if an episode of Walker Texas Ranger ever changed your life" - Jeff)

I now have about 200  redneck photos on my site.  Many have been recently added (see the NEW Redneck Photos! category).  Just click on a category title to the left, and enjoy!

If you have a redneck photo that you would like to submit, or if you just want to drop me a line, please click here.  Don't worry if I don't respond right away, but I will eventually git-r-done!  (Actually, I'm only SIX months behind now!)


400 Reasons You MIGHT Be a Redneck! (formerly 300 Reasons)

Pappy Wishbone's - #1 source for redneck gifts!

A Redneck's First Home Page

NEW!  Redneck Baby Names

Redneck T-Shirt Fold (video)

Redneck Words of Wisdom website (NOT rated G!)

From the Redneck Riviera - The Southern Redneck Dictionary!

Here's something new - Blue Necks (the opposite of Red Necks).

Check out your Redneck Horoscope!

Check out the assorted Redneck photos contained in the PowerPoint presentation - "If Rednecks Were in Charge" (you might want to right-click the link and select "save target as," as it may take a while to load).

Enjoy the Redneck Engineering Exam.

Rednecks, a microwave, and some light bulbs (YouTube video)

Three Redneck Tenors

Redneck Canadian

Uncle Booger's Bumper Dumper is truly a Redneck product (and you can purchase it online)

And, check out the Top Ten Ways You Know You Are Using a Redneck's Computer.

Bertram's Lair has got a ton of redneck stuff, including games (warning - this site is NOT rated G!).

Hot Rod and Truck Tee Shirts, including Redneck 4 x 4 trucks.

Good Redneck Advice for Drivers who Drink:
Next time you are too drunk to drive, walk to the nearest pizza shop and place an order. When they go to deliver it, catch a ride home with them."