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Redneck Art Critic Redneck Knee Boarding
Redneck Bar Stool - NEW! Redneck Lawn Chair Repair
(For those on a budget)
Redneck Bass Boat Redneck Lawn Chair Repair #2 - NEW!
Redneck BBQ Redneck Lawn Swing
Redneck Beach Combers - NEW! Redneck Mini-Golf
Redneck Boat Plug
(Hey, if it works!)
Redneck Mud Skiing
Redneck Campfire Grill Redneck Mud Tubing
Redneck Campfire Grill #2 Redneck Party Cooler
Redneck Campfire Grill #3 Redneck Poker Game
(they start so young)
Redneck Camping Redneck Pool Lounger - NEW!
Redneck Cool Camping Redneck Pool Lounging
Redneck Cooler Races Redneck Pool Safety Hazard - NEW!
Note the power strip between the 2 flip flops!
Redneck Cup Holder Redneck Propane Plaything
This has GOT to win some kind of award!
Redneck Discus
(Like the horseshoes)
Redneck Skiing
(submitted by participants)
Redneck Express 
(oldie, but goodie!)
Redneck Snow Tractor
(shall we call it "Frosty"?)
Redneck Family Outing
(real bonding happening here!)
Redneck Sports Light
If it works, use it!
Redneck Ferris Wheel Redneck Sunbathing Deck
Redneck Fire Starter Redneck Sunshade
Redneck Fire Starter #2
(From across our northern border - eh?)
Redneck Swan Dive
Redneck Fishin' Hole Redneck Swimming Pool
Redneck German Grill
(in Germany, they have lots of old beer kegs!)
Redneck Swimming Pool #2
More folks are getting into it!
Redneck Golf Cart
(or is it a porta-potty?)
Redneck Swing Set
Redneck Guitar
(kind of an old photo)
Redneck Tiki Torch
Redneck High Dive
Looks pretty dangerous to me!
Redneck Trout Tournament
Redneck Horseshoes
(one of my favorites)
Redneck Whirlpool
Redneck Hot Tub Redneck Wading Pool
(swimming pool's little cousin)
Redneck Hot Tub #2
Put another log on da fire...
Redneck Water Skiing
Redneck Hubcap Guitar
(from an old Rambler)
Redneck Weiner Roast
(many folks submitted this one)
Redneck Hunter Redneck Yacht