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Redneck Air Conditioner Another Redneck Mailbox
Redneck Air Conditioner #2
(Git 'er done!)
Redneck Mailbox Repair
Redneck Airlines Redneck Measuring Tape
How long WAS that fish?
Redneck Airplane Redneck Moonlanding
Redneck Arkansas Moving Van Redneck Moonlanding #2
Redneck Baby Bottle Redneck Mowing
(Submitted by their neighbor)
Redneck Baby Stroller
(the price was probably right)
Redneck Multiple Mailboxes
Redneck Bar Stool
(But don't drink & drive!)
Redneck Nitrous Mower
Redneck Bills Mailbox Redneck Outdoor Boiler
Redneck Beer Bottle Opener Redneck Overalls
Redneck Bird Bath
(Great use for an old satellite dish)
Redneck Phone Booth
Redneck Bottle Opener Redneck Planter 
Redneck Coffee Table Redneck Planter #2
Redneck Cooler
(Great for your Super Bowl party!)
Redneck Powerball Winner
Redneck Dentures Redneck Public Toilet Stall
Redneck Dishwasher
(Save money on the light bill)
Redneck Radar
(another Texas one)
Redneck Dog Walking Boots
(Check out the hex-head sheet metal screws)
Redneck Shopper Attire
Redneck Doorbell Redneck Shoppin'
Redneck Drive Through Banking Redneck Space Shuttle
Redneck Fountain - NEW! Redneck Step Stool Repair
Redneck Fruit Stand Redneck Tile Job
Submitted by actual contractor!
Redneck Funeral Redneck Toilet Paper Holder
(Did Martha Stewart do this?)
Redneck House Alarm Redneck Urinal Keg
Redneck Ladder Holder - NEW!
Redneck Weather Station
Redneck Love Redneck Windchimes
Redneck Mailbox What We See and What a Redneck Sees