Spiritual Matters

In the future, we hope to address various spiritual issues.  If you want to find out how to know the Living God, check out the Good News!

If you are curious to find out what happened to me (a mini-bio, if you will), then check out the part of our website called "What Happened to Dave"?

We have found The Blue Letter Bible to be the best free online service available for studying the Scriptures in their original languages.

Also, the folks at SearchGodsWord.org have a Bible search tool.  As you search for certain words or passages, you are provided with links to Greek and Hebrew texts, lexicons, dictionaries, and other Bible study references.  

You can even access their tools from this web page by using the "search for" listed to the right.  Enjoy!

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This page needs to be updated, as our journey in Christ continues to grow (and "evolve," if we can use that word).  Here are a couple of links we recommend in the meantime:

Life Stream Ministries - Wayne Jacobsen, author of many good books and articles on living loved that we recommend.

Grace Walk Ministries - Steve McVey, author and speaker on living in grace.  Also includes weekly video message.

As you continue to scroll down, you will see several links and articles related to the doctrines and practice of house churching.  These should definitely cause one to pause to think, especially in light of the way we do "church" in America today. 


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New Testament Christianity is a new site that discusses many issues related to how, why and where believers are to meet.

Check out some pictures of Charlie Lafferty, the "Zion Traveler," who occasionally drops by!