Welcome to the Reading Room!

All of these articles are readable on-line.  Most pertain to house church issues.

The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy - NEW! The authors go to great detail to expose how the institutional churches of history have influenced our English translations of the New Testament.
Why Do People Home Church? This article by David Hebden gives brief, but clear answers to the question that more and more people are asking.
Churchianity Today This chapter from Chip Brogden's upcoming book really addresses the root issues of Christ's Body, the Ecclesia.  This will definitely challenge your thinking!
Why House Church? Mark Mattison (see "Church and Money" below) gives a brief biblical and historical background to answer this question.
Church House OR House Church? Very biblical article by Roger Upton which is presented in a question-and-answer format.
A Legacy of No Accountability Brad Pliam's recent analysis of the widely prevalent false view of authority in the church is very thought-provoking.
House2House On-Line This is the on-line version of the House2House magazine.  Great articles!
Servant Authority An excellent Bible study on this important issue.  This demonstrates just far from God's plan we have strayed.
Church and Money This is the most biblical "stewardship" article we've seen in a long time.  Mark Mattison plows some fallow ground in our understanding of this very relevant topic.
Caution: Steps Toward Denominationalism This article by Nate and Joanne Krupp serves as a good warning towards those who are presenting involved in house church ministry.
What in the World Is the Church?  This is a very thought-provoking article written some years ago by Jerry Cook. This underscores what's wrong with a lot of churches these days.
Dismantling the Religious Machine This is an excellent parable which shows how damaging the religous system, or machine really is.
2 or 3 Gathered This is an electronic newsletter from the folks at the Home Church Network.  Download a few to read tonight!
Biblical Eldership This is an abridgement to Alexander's Strauch's book that forces us to rethink the traditional role of the "pastor."
Other Free Publications The folks at the Home Church Network have a worthwhile collection of on-line articles about issues related to house churching.

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