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Dave's Cisco Certification Page


This page has quite a ways to go, but at least it's been born!  For a very recent "brain dump," check out my CCNA Exam Afterthoughts, a result of the CCNA exam I recently passed!

A friend of mine has also created a CCNA page that should help you.  I strongly recommend that you visit Dale's CCNA Page.

Cisco has come up with some new certifications, including an entry-level certification called Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).  The Cisco certifications are more difficult to attain than their Microsoft counterparts.  You really should have access to their equipment (some Cisco routers and Cisco switches) if you are going to pursue this certification.

Have you ever wondered, "What in the heck is hex?"  Check out this article entitled Hexadecimal Explained.

Visit the Cisco Career Certifications site for more information.

I will be posting more stuff here in the future, so please check back!


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